We need to understand that owning a home is a right that each one of us has. But the residents of Vila Autodromo did had to fight for this right in the past couple of years. We are going to let you know more about this struggle right here.

Success in Struggle

Twenty families succeeded in keeping their rights to live in Vila Autodromo. They wanted to live there and they fought against people who wanted them to get out of the place. They are part of the first-ever collectively negotiated agreement to re-house them down the line.

The government built a lot of houses for the families who stated in Vila Autodromo these days, and they also promised a lot of new enhancement in the public spaces of those places down the line too. The problem is that the second part of the upgrade has not yet begun, and the people of Vila Autodromo needed to get the job done.

The Evictions Museum is part of the strategy of the famous Vila Autodromo´s residents to ensure that the memories of the struggle will not be forgotten. This is a monument staying that Vila Autodromo will not be wiped off the map of the world. B1 visa rejected

Vila Autodromo

Keeping the Memories Alive

Vila Autodromo´s residents want to keep the memories alive at all times, and they are going above and beyond to meet their goals. These residents are using this museum to tell the world the story of the struggle in a place that lends itself to make the claim legitimate in elite spaces.

There was an important photo exhibition when the event opened because these people were serious about making the world know what they have been suffering these years, and they love what they are doing too.

These people have been struggling for decades, and that is just part of the story that is taking the world by storm these days too. There is today an agreement with the City, but they suffered a lot before this took place down the road too.

We are very happy with the victory of these families over time. Yes, they deserve this victory because they have the right to own a house these days. The City has agreed to keep them where they belong, and they have made the right decision. Keeping citizens where they should be is a right that they have, and they love this.

Vila Autodromo

Vila Autodromo is a clear example of the power that citizens have when they fight for their rights. They did not want the City to get rid of them because they understand that they had the right to live happily in Brazil down the road. These families fought for that and won over time because they knew what they did.